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Every pup relies on their human to choose the foods that are good for them. Our Bento Barks makes it easy! Single ingredient, grain free, all natural treats are what comes in this yummy box!

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Our Values

All Natural

From freeze dried bites to heart shaped baked biscuits, our priority is to seek out treats made with all natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives or fillers!


We include treats that aren't only delicious but nutritious to your pup! The treats on our board contain healthy ingredients that are safe for all ages. Ingredients like chia, pumpkin, minnows and lamb are incredibly beneficial to any pup's diet.


Ensuring a healthy pup is just as important as maintaining a healthy planet. The brands we support source their ingredients responsibly and sustainably. We are proactively taking steps to converting all of our packaging to eco-friendly alternatives.


Every brand we support, supports a cause of their own. Ranging from supporting individuals with disabilities, planting trees and providing funds to animal rescues all across the country.

Want to give our boxes a sniff?

Join us at our pop-up events! Let's share a pup cup together, snack on some barkuterie and show each other our best tricks. Support us and many other small businesses at our upcoming events!

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Community Over Competition

Our brand strives to build relationships and connections. From our vendors to our customers, the most important thing to us is our community. Shopping small means you know exactly what your purchase goes to so,

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